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No equipment is necessary!
Our trainers are educated and know how to properly design exercise programs without the use of heavy gym equipment

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Affinity Fitness Offers:

  • In-Home Personal Training
  • Personalized meal plans
  • Food Preparation and Delivery

All new and potential clients receive a FREE fitness assessment.

We take Personal Training seriously and always start with a comprehensive evaluation. Establishing the client's needs, medical history and conducting strength tests are essential before any training program ever begins.

We have male and female Personal Trainers available in Toronto and the greater Toronto area.

We provide top quality Personal Trainers without the high pressure sales approach.

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Personal Training Toronto

Get the Results you want by working with a certified and experienced Personal Trainer

Affinity Fitness offers professional personal training in the comfort of your own home, condominium or wherever you want to exercise. The company is also known as personal training Toronto because of it’s professional trainers who service Toronto and the GTA. Clients seeking quality certified personal trainers with a proven successful background will always turn to the trusted name of Affinity Fitness.

All Clients and potential clients start with a complimentary fitness assessment which takes about 1 hour to complete. The client is connected to a bio electrical impedance analysis device that measures body fat, water hydration levels, basal metabolic rate, and offers a suggested body weight. A medical history form is then reviewed and goals are established. The test ends with 3 strength tests that measure the clients upper, core, and lower body strength. This is yet another reason why Affinity Fitness has become known as personal training Toronto, because we offer comprehensive and accurate tests that no other company can compete with.

Upon completion of the assessment the client has the option of working with an Affinity Fitness certified personal trainer. The assessment results would be reviewed with the personal trainer by the fitness evaluator, and then the training sessions would begin. The client picks the time and frequency that best fits their needs and the sessions are all tracked by Affinity Fitness personal training Toronto.

Affinity Fitness: Personal Trainers in Toronto

Affinity Fitness has Male and Female personal trainers who are properly educated and experienced to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Only the highest quality personal trainers are able to work for Affinity Fitness. Each Trainer goes through an in depth interview process that that examines the trainers understanding of exercise science, and their ability to communicate effectively. This is another example of why Affinity Fitness is synonymous with the words personal training Toronto.

Clients seeking for the keywords personal training Toronto on a search engine may find themselves with thousands of web pages. If you’re truly searching for a quality personal trainer in Toronto or the GTA then Affinity Fitness is the company for you to contact. With highly educated Male and Female trainers, a comprehensive complimentary fitness assessment, and the convenience of a professional coming to your home, condominium, or wherever you want to exercise, Affinity Fitness simply has it all and provides a name that you can trust. If you’re searching for “personal training Toronto”, go with the trusted reputable company called Affinity Fitness.

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