About Affinity Fitness in Toronto

Affinity Fitness is an incorporated company that provides Personal Training in the clients home, condominium, work place or anywhere the client is most comfortable exercising. All Personal Trainers working for Affinity Fitness are fully certified by an accredited recognized institution, and have one on one working experience. The Personal Training team is continuously growing and the standards to become an Affinity Fitness Personal Trainer are extremely high. All the potential Affinity Fitness Personal Trainers go through an intense interview process that determines their current level of knowledge, professionalism, and ability to communicate effectively. Only the Personal Trainers who possess these qualities are considered for potential employment with Affinity Fitness.

Affinity Fitness offers Personal Training in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area. New and potential clients always receive a complimentary fitness assessment. This is to determine the current level of fitness and establish the starting points. Affinity Fitness takes Personal Training very seriously, so collecting as much information as possible about the client before any Personal Training sessions begin is crucial. The fitness assessment starts by connecting a bioelectrical impedance device to the client’s lower and upper body. This sends a low frequency electrical current through their entire body and provides the fitness tester with the clients body fat, water hydration levels, lean muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and the clients ideal weight range. Nothing invasive or painful is done to the client. The tester then records the client’s blood pressure, resting heart rate, and completes a series of strength tests. A medical history form is then completed to determine if there are any medical conditions or injuries that the Personal Trainer should be aware of. All information is reviewed with the client and feedback about the results is provided.

Upon completion of the fitness evaluation the client has the choice of working with an Affinity Fitness Personal Trainer. If Personal Training sessions are desired then the fitness evaluation results will be reviewed by the fitness tester to the Personal Trainer. The Personal Trainer then sets a time to meet with the client, and is fully prepared to start the Personal Training sessions from the first time they meet.

Affinity Fitness has top quality Personal Trainers that you can trust to help you achieve your personal goals. Try working with one of our Personal Trainers and see the difference a professional Personal Trainer can make on your body.

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Renee Larochelle-Vieira
George Brown College FLMP,

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