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NIM Diet Delivery

The NIM Diet™ is based on the Glycemic index, healthy carbs and the right fats. It improves the balance of food you eat to emphasize nutritious carbs such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables; the right fats, such as olive and canola oil; and lean sources of protein. It is divided into two phases; Phase 1 is an introductory diet that helps correct insulin resistance in your body and results in rapid weight loss. Phase 2 reintroduces certain carbs into your diet, providing you with a greater variety of meals, and continued but gradual weight loss.

NIM Diet™ Delivery provides you with 3 fresh daily meals and 3 snacks delivered to your doorstep before 6am. Choose your meals from over 100 delicious entrees, snacks and desserts. Enjoy the luxury of having your own personal chef and nutritionist prepare NIM Diet™ meals for you.

30 Day Plan         $33.99 per day
10 Day Trial         $35.99 per day

Contact us for more details on the extraordinary benefits of the NIM diet.

NIM's Diet Delivery Service Provides:

  • Perfectly balanced gourmet meals in accordance with phases 1 and 2 of the NIM Diet™.
  • Customized menus for your unique body type, activity level, and weight loss goals.
  • Online meal selection and hundreds of delicious entrees, snacks and desserts to choose from.
  • A flexible delivery plan to accommodate your busy schedule.



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