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We bring all the fitness equipment you need directly to your home!

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in home personal trainer toronto

Affinity Fitness Offers:

checkIn-Home Personal Training
checkPersonalized meal plans
checkFood Preparation and Delivery

Specialty packages include:

check Affinity Weight Loss
checkAffinity Tone
check Affinity Muscle

Home Personal Trainer Toronto

Get the Results you want by working with a certified and experienced Personal Trainer

Affinity Fitness is company that provides personal training sessions directly at the clients home, condominium, work, or anywhere the clients feels most comfortable. Affinity Fitness is known by many as home personal trainer Toronto simply because we provide quality personal trainers to Toronto and the GTA. All of our trainers are fully certified by highly reputable organizations and have a proven successful background by working one on one with previous clients. If you’re looking for a home personal trainer Toronto, Affinity fitness is a reputable company that specializes in exactly that.

Before the actual personal training sessions start we begin with a complimentary fitness assessment. We collect as much information about the client before so we have a clear understanding of what type of exercise program we should design to meet their individual needs. Hiring a home personal trainer Toronto is a great way to save time and get in great shape. But if the trainer doesn’t have any background information about the new client, then the results will be minimal at best. This is why Affinity Fitness has become known as home personal trainer Toronto, because we simply provide top quality trainers at a level that unsurpassed.

Certified Home Personal Trainer in Toronto GTA

Working out in the comfort of your own home is convenient and saves you time. Going to a traditional gym can take a lot of a persons time when you take into consideration the preparation of packing your gym clothes, traveling time, social down time at the gym, waiting for equipment, showering and then travel time back home or to the office. When you work with a home personal trainer Toronto, you have the convenience of being in your own home, no down time, you simply workout and then you’re free to do whatever you had planned for the day.

Another important thought when considering a home personal trainer Toronto is that you’ll most likely receive a better workout then in a traditional gym. Most gym equipment allows you to site down or rest, that’s exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Sitting requires less muscles working and therefore means less calories burned during a workout. When training with a home personal trainer Toronto you’ll use a combination of your own body weight and potentially a few small portable pieces that the home personal trainer Toronto will provide. This will ensure you’re burning more calories and receiving a much more effective workout when compared to a traditional gym training session.

in home personal trainer toronto

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