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We bring all the fitness equipment you need directly to your home!

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in home personal trainer toronto

Affinity Fitness Offers:

checkIn-Home Personal Training
checkPersonalized meal plans
checkFood Preparation and Delivery

Specialty packages include:

check Affinity Weight Loss
checkAffinity Tone
check Affinity Muscle

Home Personal Training Toronto

Get the Results you want by working with a certified and experienced Personal Trainer

Home personal training Toronto is what Affinity Fitness specializes in. We have a team of dedicated professionals who will personally meet with you at your home, Condo, work, or wherever you feel most comfortable doing your workout session. Our personal trainers are highly educated and have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their personal fitness goals. All trainers who work for Affinity Fitness have gone through an intense interview process that determines their current knowledge of home personal training, and evaluates their ability to effectively communicate. Our home personal training Toronto team has demonstrated that they all meet and exceed the standards that Affinity Fitness has put forth. Clients can rest assured that they will be dealing with only top quality personal trainers when they select Affinity Fitness.

Starting with a complimentary fitness assessment is what all of our home personal training Toronto and GTA clients receive. This free fitness evaluation is used as an information gathering session that allows the fitness assessor to collect notes about the new or potential client. Information such as body fat percentage, Lean muscle mass percentage, water hydration levels, Basal metabolic rate, blood pressure and resting heart are collected. A medical history review sheet will then be reviewed to determine if the client has any injuries or complications that the personal trainer should be aware of. Affinity Fitness has become known to many as home personal training Toronto because of our ability to consistently delivery top quality personal trainers to the clients in Toronto and the GTA.

Home Personal Trainer in Toronto GTA

Exercising at home has so many benefits and in many ways is much more effective that working out at a gym. You won’t find yourself using any big exercise machines that allow you to site or rest on. These gym machines are great if you’re interested in getting big bulky muscles, but for those interested in toning, firming up and losing body fat they’re simply not an effective means to achieve those types of goals. When working with an Affinity Fitness home personal training Toronto (or GTA) trainer, you burn more calories because you’ll be using a lot of your own body weight for many exercises. This means that you work on all your muscles as appose to just a few at a time. You’ll keep your heart rate elevated and get the benefit of resistance training at the same time. This is simply the best way to get in shape, and most gyms don’t allow your body to exercise that way, so the results are slow if any are seen at all. Just because you hired a home personal training Toronto (or GTA) trainer doesn’t mean that you still can’t put on muscle if that’s what your personal goal is. Our professional trainers have a wide variety of experience when it comes to clients and their goals. See the difference an Affinity Fitness trainer can make.

in home personal trainer toronto

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