How the at home training works

Step 1: Fitness Assessment

Once you determine a date and time that works best for you a certified Personal Trainer will come to you and complete a one hour fitness evaluation. The evaluation is complimentary and is used as an information gathering session. This is completed so the Personal Trainer has an understanding of the clients needs before the Personal Training sessions begin.

The fitness assessment starts by connecting a bioelectrical impedance device to the client’s lower and upper body. This sends a low frequency electrical current through their entire body and provides the fitness tester with the clients body fat, water hydration levels, lean muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and the clients ideal weight range.  Nothing invasive or painful is done to the client. The tester then records the client’s blood pressure, resting heart rate, and completes a series of strength tests.  A medical history form is then completed to determine if there are any medical conditions or injuries that the Personal Trainer should be aware of. All information is reviewed with the client and feedback about the results is provided.  

Step 2: Personal Training

Upon completion of the fitness evaluation the client has the option of working with an Affinity Fitness Personal Trainer. If Personal Training sessions are desired then the fitness evaluation results will be reviewed by the fitness tester to the Personal Trainer. The Personal Trainer then sets a time to meet with the client, and is fully prepared to start the Personal Training sessions from the first time they meet.

Step 3: Working Out

The client will set specific times to meet with their Personal Trainer. The Personal Training sessions will then continue with a meeting frequency that best fits the client’s personal needs.  

Step 4: Continuing with the Program

All Personal Training sessions are tracked through Affinity Fitness. Once your sessions are completed you have the option of continuing with an Affinity Fitness Personal Trainer, or following the program on your own.

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